vashikaran mantra

Om namoh kaal shakti kamini.
Shodash varshiya madak yauvan dharini.
Amuk mujh par ho diwana/diwani.
Aur ko dekhe jale, bale.
Kewal mujhse rati kare.
Tane Adesh kaal ka. Toko jine raaj dilaya.
Mera kaha na kare to Rakshashdev ki aan.
Omkar meri raksha kare sarvprakar,
Prabrahm parmatma pooran nirakar.
Meri bhakti, guru ki shakti.
Phuro mantra ishwarovacha.
Keep the photo of your beloved before you, if you have, otherwise in your mind.
Light an earthen lamp using mustard oil with dhoop and agarbatti. Make a circle
around you using a pen, your index finger or wood. Put some drops of your blood
into the oil in the lighted earthen lamp. Then japa this mantra 108 X 10 times.
Your beloved will soon madly in love with you.
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