how do i find love

how do i find love




Read on and you will learn how to find love and find a wife or husband.

I am a relationships coach and without a doubt the question that I get most asked is ‘How Do I Find Love’ or ‘How Do I Find A Wife or A Husband?’

The simple truth is that everyone wants to find love.

Everyone wants to find a wife, or find a husband, or find a life partner. Just look at the number of on-line dating sites.

The curious thing is though that when you ask a person why they want to find love they often have different reasons and this is because everyone has a different idea of what love is.

STOP FOR A MOMENT and think about what love is to you and why you want to find love.

This is very important as, if you don’t know what you’re looking for it will be very difficult to find it.

Many people already have love in their lives but they want a different type of love. For example:

(a)   May be you live alone but have amazing friends who care about you and love to spendtime with you;

(b)  Maybe you are single and live with your parents who love you dearly;

(c)  Maybe you are single and live with flatmates with whom you are close friends;

(d)  Maybe you are single and live with a pet who adores you;

(e)   Maybe you are single but are a favourite auntie or uncle to your nieces and nephews; or

(f)   Maybe you are single but are a treasured employee, with a job you love.

Do you feel that you are unloved but fit into one of these categories? If you do, you already have love, just not the type you want.

If there is no love in your life you have the power to change that right now. Join a local charity group and help others. The law of reciprocity means that whatever you give will come back to you many times over. The warmth and gratitude you experience and the friends you make will bring love into your life.

There are all sorts of ways that love flows into your life but often we don’t see the love that is already there as we are so focused on what we feel is missing.

This causes us to miss out on the joy of right now as we wait for something supposedly better. Also by focusing on what we do not want we attract more of the same, as, under the universal laws the energy that we give out is the energy that comes back to us. It is essential that we learn to focus on what is good and what we want rather than on what we do not want.

We have to learn to control our thoughts and intentions. In order to co-create our own lives we have to learn to live through our imaginations, as though we already have that which we are seeking. Imagine what it would feel like to be in an amazing relationship, see it in your minds eye and feel the joy. Harness those thoughts and feelings often throughout each day and it will be as though you already have what you are seeking. Gradually this will become your reality.

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